Hell’s Serpent: Viper GTS-TT

There are cars that are attractive, curvaceous, and artistic in their design which not only look great in motion but are absolutely stunning while parked. We all know them: Mid-90s Japanese sports cars, the Porsche 930 and it’s air cooled relatives, the AC Cobra, and just about anything that comes from Britain. The Viper, specifically the second generation, absolutely beguiles onlookers. Following the American styling cues of bigger and more is better, the Viper takes those voluptuous curves and gives them a healthy dose of botox. This Dodge Viper GTS received yet another surgical enhancement in the form of forced induction.

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All Out: Big Turbo J-Series Integra

As you’ve probably gathered, I’d much rather wax poetic about the motivations and desires of automotive adventures than just list what all is under the hood and show some flashy photos; there’s enough of that out there already. The reasons behind a build and the personality that the owner, builder, driver, and car combine to create is really something that can’t be found in a parts list and is rarely even caught in the most provocative of photos. Yes, every now and then a photo will embody the emotion and character of everything leading up to that moment, and as a photographer I know we all yearn to capture that when it does happen, but what is really needed is a story.

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It’s Exactly What It Looks Like

Every racecar is a show car, but very few show cars are racecars. That saying has stuck with me since I heard it a while back. It goes through my head often when walking between the ranks of cars at a show or meet. Usually it’s easy to spot the cars made for hardparking and those made for driving. On occasion though, you find one that is at home doing both. Jay’s S2000 definitely falls into that category. The first time I saw the car I walked right past it and commented something snide to my friends about another car falling victim to the growing trend of enormous wings that never see more than highway speeds. I was wrong. I’m glad I was wrong.

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