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Personality Personified: Nissan 240

One of the last things that comes to mind when thinking of a Nissan 240 is ‘different’, especially if it’s a drift car. The stigma that follows 240’s is one that you can’t really ignore, because it’s not really wrong. Most you see are molested beyond belief and have been reduced to nothing more than somebody’s dream that never came to fruition. They’re never all one color, they never have body panels that line up, they usually are held together with more zipties than OEM fasteners. The broken and beat 240 is just as much part of the drift image as vaping and flat-bills are to the Subaru bros. This isn’t your average S14.

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Track Time

A Lack of Bumpers

One thing that never really seems important at a drift event is the amount of body panels still on the car at the end. In fact, it seems that the enjoyment level is inversely proportional to that body panel number.

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