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Engineering Velocity: WannaGOFAST in Ocala

Picture this, a private airport nestled in what used to be rich horse country somewhere in central Florida. It’s February and in the low 80’s out. All you can hear is the noise coming from the Corvette rolling past with an open BOV at idle. Wait a second… I thought this was the tranquil countryside?┬áThese events are something wholly different from any other. They bring together some of the most powerful and fastest street cars (and plenty of trailer queens) in off-the-map locations for one purpose; to go fast.

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Speed Shop

Attention to Detail

Many of us aspire to achieve greatness within the automotive community. In some eyes greatness is achieved on a personal level through countless hours spent wrenching to fulfill a desired outcome. Others want to participate in the community in the form of event/group coordination to bring the automotive family together. For some the desired impact is to run a shop creating the cars we lust after. The amount of physical, mental, and emotional labor required to create such a shop that carries the reputation of illustrious work is something to acknowledge. The end results of Nelson Rodriguez’s labor of love are without a doubt a great contribution to the automotive community.

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