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We all have a reason we enjoy this passion we share. For some of us it is a reason to compete, for others it’s all about expression, and for a lot of us it is about the desire to create. From the outside it may look like endless toil and squandered money but to anyone that has watched their creation take shape, being molded by their own hands, the end result will always be worth it. This Z3 is a prime example of what is possible when solace is found in the garage.



From it’s inception, the Z3 was a damn good looking roadster. I can remember when I was younger and a family friend bought one of these, it very well might have been one of the first cars to really stir something inside of me. Taking the already good lines of this German roadster and improving them into something utterly impossible to overlook has been the mission here.


While I am not personally a huge fan of modifying cars, especially ones that are supremely fun to drive, purely for looks I think this one is the rule that is meant to be broken. From the ground up the owner has transformed the car into something that would look equally at home in the paddock of a TT event or parked in the ranks of cars at SoWo.



The nearly DTM level of aero tidbits adorning this Z3 aren’t pieces that showed up in boxes and drained a bank account dry though. Almost every piece of flair was hand crafted. Built in spare time and fabricated in the garage, this look is truly one of a kind. This is where a car crosses the line of just being a car and turns into something that does more than just get its owner from place to place. This is where the car can give something back.



When this much effort is put into a car a connection grows. I’m sure most of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about with that. The cars we build give us something to do when we need to find something productive to do, they’re the reason we look at people who are glued to their phones and wonder how they could live like that. There is something magical about getting your hands dirty and shutting out the rest of the world to explore what is possible.



These immensely complex machines that we pour our money and sweat into don’t just give us something to show off when we go out to shows or events, they also give us something to be proud of and appreciate that no one else will see.



Back to the car at hand, the detail put in is impressive. With something this over the top it would be easy for the big picture to drown out the small things. It would also be easy to let those small things slip by knowing that most people would never look that closely. From any vantage point this car is spectacular. Even without tons of impressive mods and the natural beauty that follows making big power the engine bay is exquisitely clean, in both senses of the word.



Taking a step back those details are lost but others are brought into the light. Dedication is the only word that comes to mind when going over the myriad of home-built pieces that come together so perfectly. Even the yellow tinted headlights, which I would normally throw into the pile of tacky mods to steer clear of, somehow fit in with all of the other borderline insane bits and pieces that culminate in a stylistic rendition of what every racecar wishes it could be.



Maybe that’s what is so captivating about all of it, the fact that it looks aggressive but is still a daily, that is screams track time while being parked at the mall. It captures our imagination and dares us to go home, into our own garage, and look for any opportunity to ask “What if?”

Zach Grant

Instagram: zachneedsinstagram

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