Chances are that you, like us, have a great passion for the automotive world — a world whose inhabitants are those that are quite literally driven by harnessing the mechanical violence cause by millions of explosions. It’s the sights, the sounds, and the smells that keep us enthralled and constantly seeking more.


It’s really fascinating to see the sort of cars owned, built, and driven by the grassroots community. There seems to be a great sense of dignity when a person is questioned about their car and they can proudly talk about the very machine built with their own hands. The bond between man and machine is strong in this community.


So it is our quest to capture the story of these vehicles. The creations built in a garage, a driveway, or the little patch of grass right in front of the home; the grassroots creations. It’s not a single sub-genre that will make this an interesting place to be, but rather a collective of stories from all makes, models, and walks of life.


You might even see something that otherwise wouldn’t have been considered by most in a build. The greatest aspect of owning a vehicle is the personal touch endowed upon it, thus making it more intriguing.


Coming this Wednesday, 19 August 2015, we will have the opportunity to present to you a fine example of the personality implemented into a very interesting car. This will be the first featured car here at FeaturedGarage and it was a pleasure to see and experience this vehicle first hand.


And so begins the journey of FeaturedGarage — a grassroots focused automotive journalism blog. The subjects are created by you and shared to the world through the lenses of our cameras. Until the next post…

For the grassroots,