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Ending the Year With A Bang!

One thing I’d truly been hoping I could make it to this year was the End of Year Bash held at NOLA Motorsports Park and put on by the guys at NODRFT. Luckily it all worked out and I found myself meeting a new group of drifters and checking out a facility I had previously not been able to make it to. If you see the NODRFT name on something I recommend you go find out what it’s all about, these guy throw down. When it comes to grassroots drifting I have become a little jaded. It’s typically a few hours of watching the same people try and do the same things and an excuse to have a few beers. This event is wholly different. There’s still plenty of time for beer though.


Two FULL days of drifting is something most people only dream of. The good drifters get to play, and the ones still learning have plenty of time to well… learn. Skill was not lacking over there however.¬†Some of the best drifting, short of FD that I’ve seen in person, went down over the weekend. Plenty of tandem runs with capable drivers and equally capable cars, huge smoke, roaring engines, squealing tires. This is what grassroots drifting should be.


One of the big features of the weekend was the exhibition planned for Sunday morning. A select group of drivers were going to get let loose on the kart track. These guys were sent out with only one rule, try to keep it on the pavement. Where else do you get to see 3rd gear tandem entries on a track the width of most backroads? Needless to say the driving was quite impressive.


With such good driving and excellent facilities I can see how this group is one to keep an eye on. They are pushing forward with some new safety rules, following a lot of other groups around the country, which really shows how much they want to keep this going and keep building. I commend them.


As far as sending off 2015, I don’t think I could have come up with a better way. If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution might I suggest getting yourself to more motorsports events this year? I know that’s part of mine. No matter how big or small it’s always a good time.

Zach Grant

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