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Duck Sauce: 1600lb, 300 whp, N/A Honda Civic

Nothing is more impressive than a mod list ten pages long. Just kidding, a lot of things are more impressive than a mod list ten pages long, things like achievements and being able to relish in the fact that “less is more” is a winning formula for Minh Genie and his 1995 Honda Civic AKA The Duck.

“It’s stock” is the phrase often used by Minh when describing The Duck. What he means to say is that it’s a stock K24 engine and transmission in a completely gutted and Swiss cheesed shell of a 1995 Honda Civic. Of course we can see the obvious modifications in the fuel, intake, and exhaust departments but the point is that the engine in itself is stock.

The Duck is now making over 300 whp… “that’s the fuckin’ way she goes”

Weighing in at only 1600 pounds, it doesn’t take much power to get this car down the strip however, through the expertise of Johnny at Adam’s Automotive in Crestview, FL this engine was able to produce 270 whp. Certainly enough to get The Duck down the quarter mile in 10.92 seconds. With a 75 shot of nitrous, Minh has hurled this tin can down the strip in 10.6 seconds. A stock engine and transmission K24 powered Honda Civic in the 10s. Impressive.

There are plenty of cars that could out run The Duck but typically there is a key difference between those cars and The Duck; the difference is money spent. The parts that are in The Duck are either free or dirt cheap OEM Honda parts that Minh has salvaged from other cars or they’re second hand parts had from other projects. The budget was nill and the goal was simple: Send the car down the track.

Even if you beat him, you can’t beat him.

 If it goes fast, great! If not, nothing was lost. Think about it this way, if Minh wins a race in The Duck then he beat someone with a junkyard Honda Civic (seriously, junk yard parts). If he loses then the victor get’s to gloat to all their friends that they beat… a… Honda Civic… Even if you beat him, you can’t beat him.

Now sure, there are some obvious modifications made to this Civic that help it make the horsepower it makes. One glaring and very special piece is this 850Fabrication LLC 4-1 header which was designed to allow Minh to grow into upgraded camshafts. More on that later. I contacted Blake Barr of 850Fabrication LLC to get some insight in the reasoning behind the design of this header. Here is what he had to say:

I built the header for him to grow into (upgraded) camshafts, it just happened to work really well on stock cams as well. It’s a 3 step header. At each step, there is a negative pressure wave that makes its way back to the exhaust valve. When timed correctly, that negative pressure wave can hit the back of the exhaust valve at the time it starts opening and while the intake valve is still open. This creates a supercharging effect using the negative pressure wave to pull the intake charge in and help clear the exhaust more efficiently, yield a greater VE and a cleaner volume of air to combust.

So about those upgraded camshafts. Well, things are a bit different now in how much power The Duck is making compared to it’s stock setup. Now sporting Prayoonto Racing Stage 3 camshafts, and TDC Performance 1600 cc injectors, The Duck is now making over 300 whp. Needless to say the stock transmission isn’t happy about being the conduit between that engine and those Mickey Thompsons. He’s currently on transmission number three but “that’s the fuckin’ way she goes” (Ray, Trailer Park Boys, 2005).

CAM2 oil, nothing but the best, and by best I mean cheapest. In fact it’s the cheapest oil Minh could get his hands on. The oil change intervals are extremely frequent since a large volume of methanol is being pumped into this engine at full chat.


So what then is the point of all this if Minh isn’t going to be phased by winning or losing. Well The Duck is a cheaper alternative to racing than The Hulk. “The Hulk?” Yes, The Hulk. Perhaps soon we’ll see an article on that no holds barred monster. Until then, enjoy more of The Duck.

Lucas McGlamery

Instagram: sky_burial

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