Daily Driven Drifter

The term “daily driven” implies that a vehicle is stable enough to be used everyday. It can shuttle you to work. It can make the trip for groceries. It can even pick up the kid from school. A car that is daily driven and regularly flogged on the track demonstrates another level of reliability. This daily driven drift missile shows that you don’t necessarily need a second car for either daily duties or track duties.


Have a seat in the cockpit of this missile and be greeted by the in-your-face character of the vehicle. Personal effects ornament the interior as a genuine reflection of the owner’s personality. There is certainly a sense of “what you see is what you get” in this environment and it’s clear that this is a no frills vehicle, unless your idea of frills include being able to demolish countless sets of tires at a drift event and then drive home in the same car; that’s certainly the owner’s greatest interest.


Meet Karin, the owner of this missile. The vehicle was certainly no where near drift ready, let alone daily drivable, when she purchased the vehicle. With an open differential and a tired engine producing a dismal 80 horsepower, most people would have taken the car out back to be shot and put out of its misery. However, Karin has since replaced the engine with a refreshed factory replacement, the KA24DE, and is sporting a plethora of goodies that help this car “do mad skidz, yo.”


At first glance it would appear that this car was built for the sole purpose of being thrashed on a track, and that’s mostly true. The modifications are completely practical for a track application but don’t sacrifice reliability for the daily commute. The driver’s intent wasn’t to have a 1000 horsepower LS/RB/SR/2J swapped monster that requires scrutinous maintenance. No, instead she spent her time and money on drivetrain and suspension modifications. Through doing this she has driven thousands of cumulative miles to various drift events, participated, and then drove home all without having the car skip a beat. The same can’t be said for the tires.


Keep drifting fun. This core principle has been at the forefront of her decision making with the car, the sport, and her lifestyle with the car. Fun is also reflected throughout this car in it’s ostentatious appearance. Whether you’re sitting inside the car or looking on from the sidelines, you’re eyes will be pummeled by the style cues that make this missile undeniably Karin’s.


Not many people I know would take their daily driven car out and do something like this. Some would, sure, and to those people I applaud. A purpose built track car that has the additional duty of daily driving is a very interesting machine. Fast or slow, dirty or clean, it doesn’t matter what your car does so long as it means something. Keep driving and more importantly, enjoy it.


The List:

KA24DE dynoed at 155 WHP

Megan Racing Headers

ISIS Performance Blast Pipes

ISIS Performance Radiator

Circuit Sports Coolant Overflow Tank

CX Racing Coilovers

Circuit Racing Tension Rods

Circuit Sports Rear Arms

Suspension Techniques Anti Sway Bars

ISIS Performance Strut Tower Brace

OBX 1.5 Way Differential

6-point Rollcage

Bride Low Max Bucket Seat

Without words:











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